Wednesday, May 20, 2009

may 19th session

Okay, well, i haven't found the "unbackward-it" button  yet for the photos, but it was a limited crowd tonight, Christophe still being sipping some MaiTai in the Caribbeans.
Still a lot of fun , pizza and funny drinks too......

my attempt at drawing a cartoonish Woolvie at 2 am........
Pierre's commission from what i understood.....

see? work.

Pierre's gorgious page.
still work. Oh crap! the bottle looks empty!!!
doodles for my very first French graphic novel from the best script i have ever read , offered 
by Wilfrid Lupano. More of this to come, obviously......


Pierre's first sketch for the evening.  Sober too.

Nico is observing, while i seem to do a "jumping jack" in the reflection  o the glass window...
just god damn happyness. Look at him. It looks as if he just got adopted.


  1. ca fais un peur un tel assemblage de talents fou, ca impressionne .

  2. Ah, very nice! What a bunch of talented guys in their element! Great posts, especially the father, mother and child, wonderful!

  3. and the Wolvie...don't forget the Wolvie!!!

  4. ouah! ca a l'air trop cool!... je peux venir faire des scrabouchat avec vous? dis monsieur?../. je peux? promis je prendrais mon accent belge avec moi!

    A plouche!
    belgian bil

  5. Super ! C'est le jeudi soir c'est ça ?
    Passque bon, comme j'arrive le mercredi... :-p

    En tout cas c'est chouettos. Et pis y a du vin.