Wednesday, June 3, 2009

june 2nd session

I chose to post this pic', just to share a pic' of Christophe NOT looking dashing, despite 
the obvious sculpt of his fine arm..........yes i love him, but not like that !

Pierre "Annie wouldn't be the same without me" is deep into his cute baby painting .
Rough, meet clean. Clean, here's your soul.
Nico' invented new plants for new ways of having some new kinds of  funny cigarettes.
And was damn serious about it.
blow, motherf@#*!, blow !!!

I was just doodling some stuff for Lupano's script. I was not very productive that night.
On a "low" kinda wave at the moment......
Nicolas decided to paint on a post stamp format..........just 'cause he can.......
"Beau Brun" (notre "BB" a nous...) au charbon...

"Annie Lover" deep into his blowing.......


  1. Heeey, alors c'est donc ça vos séances du mardi !? Bien content de voir vos bétises les gars, surtout celles d'un mec à grosses dents que j'avais pas vu dessiner depuis longtemps :D

  2. Wouah! le dessin de BB est superbe!
    Christophe a l'air bien inspire, et part avoir l'air de dormir debout, on peux voir ce qu'il a dessiner?
    Comment vous bosser a propos? vous vous donner un sujet? une technique? ou c'est entirement libre?
    A plouche!

  3. WOWOWOW i just discovered you joined the blogger artist community, that's supergreat!!! and is even more interesting those drawing sessions with such of great artists and wine!
    thanks for sharing your fantastic art!

  4. L'ambiance a l'air bien sympa !!
    Tout comme les crobards qu'on peut apercevoir sur les photos entre deux bouteilles de bière ! ;-)

  5. I like how the little rockin'roll dinosaur painting turned out.

    wonderful Blog! Count me as your new blogging fan.