Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 05th 2010!!!!
First session of the year!
Well, it was a brief intimate one with only Chris and i,
but it was good....

Here is my lame rendition of what Chris usually draws, to make fun of him.....
Here is a sketch i have just found from another session.

.....and this one too, from a few sessions back.....

But tonight, i had fun doing a few attempts at trying to compose close ups on girls for a thread on the DrawingBoarg (.org).


Chris' new dashing haircut.... haircut but still crummy hand.

Chris is clearly calling it a night.....yawn.


  1. I love your drawings so much! Thanks for sharing them :)

  2. ah oui... donc christophe en fait il a 18 ans et demi :D ?

  3. Hi guys! do you use a topic or do you just draw something for fun?
    Great post, love the results as always