Wednesday, March 10, 2010

February 28th Session.

Sorry for the few missed updates, guys and gals.
Everyone was quite overloaded to attend anything fun or social at night....
But we had a minimal little session with Chris then nevertheless....

Christophe always makes fun of my very crappy little camera, but i enjoy shots like this one.

I am trying to do a commission with a lot of weight upon (breast cancer) , and keep failing at
being a good enough illustrator for the purpose. I keep drawing the same idea and then toss it
because my skills are plain amateurish........
.......but i do like that shot of that little sketch.....

There is another thing, other than dear friends, pizzas, wine, beers and laughters, that i really like about those sessions, is getting those kinda shots from my stupid crappy very portable little camera...

Chris' awesomeness in the making.

Chris' awesomeness in one page!!!

An attempt at sketching for the DrawingBoard's monthly Girl thread (Irish gals), but not
satisfying . Too cliche, too lame.

Another to dwell upon for the thread. There's a hint of an idea, somewhat a few yards away from the usual cliches, with a hint of a story..... I might go further with this.

Another Irish sketch for the occasion. Nothing new or innovative, but trying to get those
strong bar lines across for better comp' and framing.
Oh, yes, i do love Ireland and Irish girls.
I have a few other ideas for illos that i must find time to serve rightfully , if only to celebrate
the brilliant sense of humour from my Irish girl friends.


  1. Wonderful stuff! That has to be a lot of fun to get together with friends and just sketch. Very inspiring. Great characters, you can see so much about who they are in one simple sketch.

  2. Ah ben ça faisait longtemps ! ça fait plaisir !
    Il est fort ce Christophe tout de même, hein... Moi ça me démoralise. Ou me booste, ça dépends des jours. :-)

    Courage pour ton dessin de commande, je suis sûr que tu va y arriver avec brio.

  3. I always enjoy these posts! It's a great idea to sketch with friends!