Monday, July 25, 2011

.....Brushes are getting a kick out of slumber.....

Hey guys!
After having been to San Diego Comicon for (only) one day, and picking up some cool books, i was motivated to draw for fun.

Here is another "Dear John" doodle, trying to be more illustrative than i have been in the past.
I want my drawings to convey a story first, and try to put more care on composition.
I think the "blacks" are very random and unbalanced here. The black pants/boots attract the eyes too much. I should have tried a few variations first. But hey....
I was kinda happy with the crossing diagonal lines, and the last minute "tags" on that sign though, for explicit mood from that poor guy.

I am inspired to draw some tender scenes of lovers too, and have a bit of fun with brushes and paper, since i mostly draw on Cintiq nowadays.

Tomorrow, tuesday 26th, the gang and i will finally have another sketching session, which we had to put aside for waaaayyyyy too long. I (or we) will share the moment.



  1. These are quite lovely, Rod. The story aspect you mention is one of the things I love most about your sketchbooks - I'm glad to see it at the forefront of your drawings.

  2. That second one is astounding.