Thursday, January 26, 2012

2nd 2012 sketch session.

We had a nice fun little session last night with buddies Pierre and Julien at Christophe's.


Mine. All mine. Several time..

Pierre's neat little sketch. Warming up. He said it was soooo long since he last touched a pencil. I find it sad and quite infuriating, i must admit. So must wasted talent....

Chris' pleasing and annoying ease with a brush...

Pierre's doodle. I was quite happy to catch that humble composition on that mediocre photo, i must admit.

Julien had just seen the "Wicked" show... so it was all about nice witches then.......


  1. awww jealous! I'd love to do one of them!! I need to find artists interested in Luxembourg... not easy

  2. really wonderful sketches and design man!