Monday, August 23, 2010

.......kind of an update....

We unfortunately haven't been able to keep our sessions happening as much as we wanted.
It will soon be corrected, once we all get our shit together, but in the meantime, i am taking this opportunity to share and tease about what i have been drawing mostly recently.... A graphic novel masterly written by the brilliant Wilfrid Lupano. So , yes, my drawing "without a cause" habits have been somewhat suffering, but i am enjoying every single (too rare) moment i spend illustrating Wilfrid' s vision.
Here are a couple of sample pages....

Oh and also, our almost regular session member Pierre "Anny Award" Perifel has just created his own blog.
Check it out! That dear friend is also one one my favorite artist.



  1. Ca défonce bien ces petites pages...

  2. comme ça fait plaisir de voir ces planches !!!
    c'est fin, et toujours d'une superbe justesse.
    (j'avais eu l'occasion de voir les découpages et croquis sur cfsl quand t'avais posté, enfin bref)
    j'éspère qu'on aura l'occasion de les voirs en couleur !! :)