Tuesday, September 21, 2010

..........back on track soon..........

Everyone' schedule (hehe) is still a little messed up. But the Sketch Sessions will have to resume soon.

Tomorrow, we are having a mini Comicon at the studio, with plenty of
stuff from some of us. I will be selling some of my sketchbooks.
I think Christophe will have a bunch of prints there too.
And there will be an exhibition of collectable artwork from famous illustrators too.
I will be sharing my most beloved Oliver Hurst illustration , among some Adam Hughes pages and one of Denis Bodart' s illo for Spirou.
I heard J.Katsenberg will be sharing his collection too.............
I will post pictures.
In the mean time, let me share yesterday's page from the book.



  1. wouhaou, je serai curieux de voir celle de Oliver Hurst !

  2. Tout simplement génial,ça me rappel des souvenirs ,l'ambiance ^^ magnifique planche !!